Business Process Modeling Levels in Oracle Fusion (L1, L2, L3, L4)

Fusion Application is based on business process models that map out business flows. Note 1542019.1 on Oracle Metalink gives you the business process models.

Business flows hierarchy consists of five levels

  • L0 – Industry
  • L1 – Business process area
  • L2 – Business Process
  • L3 – Activity
  • L4 – Tasks
  • The hierarchy goes from a high-level, conceptual view to a low-level, application-specific view.
  • L1 through L3 are business-driven and don’t depend on any specific implementation in the application.
  • L4 aligns with specific features and functionality in the application.


  • L0 – Industry – Finance
  • L1 – Business process area – Financial Control and Reporting
  • L2 – Business Process – Capture Transactions
  • L3 – Activity – Record and Edit Standard Journal Entries
  • L4 – Tasks – Enter Journal via Spreadsheet

Oracle provides vision diagrams for all business processes. Please refer
Note 1542019.1 on Oracle Metalink