Oracle Fusion Financials/Cloud ERP Financials Interview Questions

I believe browsing through common Interview questions will help learn more about Fusion Apps. Listed below are couple of questions.

Generic Questions:

  • Have you worked on any Cloud implementation/Support project?
    if yes please explain about the project
  • How many modules were implemented?
  • Which version?
  • Explain your role
  • Elaborate on Phases and Duration of the project
  • Elaborate on the documentation
  • How big was the team and what was the team composition
  • Were you involved in data migration, reporting, configuration, testing, integration, management, security, requirements gathering, design, documentation, user training, post go live support, upgrades, interacting with Oracle support etc.

Architecture related:

  • Explain architecture of Cloud ERP
  • Elaborate on Product Family, Offerings, Features, Options
  • Explain FSM, Implementation Project, Task List, Tasks
  • Explain Rapid Implementation
  • Explain configuration migration from one instance to another

Security related:

  • Explain the security model in Oracle Fusion Apps/Cloud ERP
  • How many types of Roles have you worked on?
  • Explain Function security and Data Security
  • Why do we need Custom Roles?
  • Have you created any? and Explain the Custom Role creation process
  • How do you create users?
  • How do you assign roles to Users?
  • How do give access to Data in GL/AP/HCM?
  • Have you used Data Roles?
  • What are Privileges?
  • What is Auto Provisioning?
  • Explain how do you achieve giving access to invoice creation but
  • restrict invoice payment access
  • Explain BIP related security/roles
  • How different it is from R12/11i
  • What are the default users created by Oracle?
  • is SYSADMIN user available in Fusion?

General Ledger module related:

  • Have you configured GL module?
  • Explain GL module configuration
  • How different it is from R12/11i
  • Is there Business Group setup in Fusion?
  • Elaborate Enterprise Structure in Fusion
  • Explain Accounting structure instance
  • Explain segment labels, segment attributes (third party control account)
  • How many balancing segments can you define in Fusion
  • Explain BSV
  • Explain ledgers and creation process
  • What are Essbase cubes?
  • Name the seeded GL Job Roles
  • How do you grant access to a ledger to a user?
  • Explain segment level security rules
  • Explain Cross Validation Rules (filter, condition)
  • Explain Hierarchies (audit, row flattening)
  • What is use of maintaining versions of hierarchies?
  • Explain the need for having multiple hierarchies
  • Explain hierarchy publishing (when we should not publish? multiple child assignments)
  • Elaborate Accounting calendar. explain start date and translation process relation
  • Explain period frequency, adjusting period concept
  • Explain calendar period and fiscal period
  • Explain Currency related processes (conversion, revalvation, translation)
  • Explain STAT
  • Explain rate type (spot, corporate, user)
  • Explain Cross country rate rules
  • Explain Secondary ledgers, Reporting currency ledger, conversion levels
  • Explain ledger set
  • Balance cube dimensions (period, ledger, COA segments, scenario, balance amt, amt type, currency, currency type)
  • Close status monitor
  • Allocations – calculation manager
  • Consolidation methods – Reporting, balance transfer, financial management con – hyp, eliminations
  • Budgeting
  • Data migration
  • Journal entry (entry page, spreadsheet, fbdi, webservice)
  • Financial Reporting Center
  • Account Monitor, inspector
  • Smart view
  • OTBI
  • BIP

Hope it helps! Please don’t forget to leave your comments. Thanks