Learning Path

The learning path differs based on interest, past experience and education.

We recommend the below learning path irrespective of the category.

  • Start using the product, understand the Navigation, Enter some transactions, Run a Report
  • Understand Security, learn about Roles, Create User, Security Console etc
  • Learn about the Architecture of Cloud ERP, various product families, offerings etc
  • Understand Configurations, Learn how to configure an offering like Financials. Learn to use FSM – Functional Setup Manager
  • Test the configuration
  • Learn about configuration migration etc

Apart from the above two main areas which we recommend everyone are:

  • Acquire DOMAIN knowledge
    • Example, Accounting, Financials Business Processes etc
  • Learn about Implementation Aspects
    • Project Management
    • Phases
    • Documentation
    • Testing – unit testing, SIT, UAT etc
    • Cutover etc

Now let us understand the various categories of people wanting to learn Cloud ERP

Broad classification based on Experience:

  • Oracle EBS Functional Consultants
  • Oracle EBS Technical Consultants
  • Oracle EBS Techno-Functional Consultants
  • Other ERP experience (Peoplesoft, JDE, SAP, Tally, Maximo etc)
  • No experience on any ERP

Broad classification based on Education:

  • Commerce graduates
  • Engineering graduates
  • MBA

Broad classification based on Interests:

  • Those looking for a new Job
  • Job Change
  • Project Change
  • Upgrade


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  1. Thank you for the information which is very good for an ERP consultant.It is a quick view on Oracle cloud ERP. Looking forward the the next post.

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