Reporting Options in Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications offers several tools for Reporting and Analytics. The tools access transactional tables and GL balances cubes to produce the reports. The following are the list of tools

  • Financial Reporting Center
  • Oracle BI Publisher
  • OTBI
  • Financial Reporting Studio
  • Account Monitor and Account Inspector
  • Smart View
  • Standard Reports


  • For Analysis – use OTBI, Smartview, Account Monitor and Inspector
  • Interactive Reports – use Financial Reporting Studio reports
  • BI Publisher Reports – High volume, Fixed Format, Custom reports and others that can be printed

Below listed are Sample Report Outputs generated using various tools

Sample Financial Reporting Studio Report Output
Sample Smartview report
Account Inspector
Account Monitor
Sample OTBI Dashboard
Sample OTBI Analysis

In future posts we will explain how to create reports using the various reporting tools available in Oracle Fusion Applications


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